Types of flooring

Виды напольных покрытий

If you want to solve a problem in your office with a surplus of wires, and the floor to make a more attractive and convenient, you can take advantage of modern technology devices sexes – assembling raised floor, which allows us to solve this problem. This system raised floors, located on the adjustable supports and is composed of panels. In space, which is formed under the raised floor, accommodate various utilities. Raised floor has a number of advantages: can be used in different rooms, requires no prior ties. А главное, при необходимости, you have quick access to communications. Are you interested in selling the installation of raised floor installation in Kiev – then please contact “Floor System”. You will be pleased not only professionally and properly configured installation falpola, but the price.
Previously, the choice of flooring is not considered to be a complex issue, today among the variety and diversity of floor covering can be lost and never select the desired option.
Modern types of flooring are presented:

• Ribbon
• Wood
• Tiled
• Both types of polymer coatings.

Consider the most popular and demanded of them.

Laminate is represented by several layers, among which are the derevovoloknistuyu plate, a decorative layer and a protective layer of resin or acrylic. In sidewalls laminate has slots, which help safely and easily fix stuff. Good quality laminate virtually indistinguishable from natural flooring. And it is reliable and durable, that makes it appealing to the consumer.

Types of wooden flooring cork flooring can be identified. It is made of cork oak. Natural material is first crushed, and then under the action of high temperature pressed into slabs, which laid the floor and. Top for aesthetics it is coated with lacquer or vinyl.

The advantages of cork floor is good resistance to mechanical and chemical influences, as well as high environmental material. This floor does not rot or deteriorate even under the influence of moisture, temperature and mechanical stress.

Soft roll flooring is carpet. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Distinguish carpet made from natural, Synthetic fibers and composite. A separate type of carpet - lint-free.

Floor coverings are presented in a large range, important not to get confused and make the right choice. When selecting a floor covering should be given attention, not only in appearance and price of the goods, but also look at the quality of the material and its compatibility with the heating system, characteristics of the floor and the room.

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