Laying solid wood

Укладка массивной доски

Укладка массивной доскиSolid timber is a great solution for the interior is not only an apartment or a country house, but also for public spaces, such as bars, restaurants and clubs. Thanks to the technology of production and the, from which it is made solid wood, this flooring is perfect for those places. The layered structure and high-quality and sturdy materials provide excellent resistance to mechanical damage.
Today is sold as patent, and raw board. I can say, that untreated solid wood will be more successful acquisition, than patent. Это объясняется тем, that manufacturers often skimp on lacquer coating, и, consequently, Floor boards wear out quickly.
Итак, proceed directly to the process of laying a solid board. As parquet, solid board has several options for styling - and at an angle parallel to the wall. When parallel mode should start laying off the wall, previously stepped away from her wide boards and Укладка массивной доскиadditionally 7-15 мм. This is required for, so then you can pull up all the cracks. Used for accuracy 3 meter line. Corner method is not much different from the parallel, Is that the line is fixed at the point, which abuts the wall angles. As in the first case, board is placed on the tongue forward prepared surface - plywood. В том случае, if solid wood is glued to the surface, it is important to choose a quality glue, because of its poor quality can damage the. It is best to choose a water-based adhesive, in the event of contact with the adhesive on the surface it can be easily removed by conventional cloth. Once the board is laid, glue has dried, and the surface otsiklevana , varnished solid wood lacquered in multiple layers. In contrast to the embodiment of the finished, this coating will last a few years.
Well, if it is not possible to carry out laying solid wood yourself, you can order the services of the construction company. Specialists of quality and in the shortest time will lay the flooring. Laying solid wood cost is now quite acceptable, please any customer, will save your time and nerves.

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