Gender of plastics

Пол из полимерных материалов

To the polymer materials, в частности, refers linoleum, as solid flooring. Coating of linoleum are distinguished by their performance, namely elasticity, resistant to wiping and easy to care for him. All of these positive qualities linoleum acquired due to, with which it is made. And it is made of resin.

Apply linoleum coating can be absolutely everywhere: from a child's room, to industrial premises, in offices, and in the gym. But it is not recommended to use linoleum cloth smokers, where high humidity. Of course there are polymer flooring, that can be used in these areas, but when mounting it is necessary to use the so-called "cold welding". Также, remember, that the choice of linoleum, is not advisable to buy it, when the thickness reaches 3 миллиметров. The most suitable option - to 2,5 миллиметров. But we are not talking about commercial linoleum, just there and it is recommended to use a durable linoleum thickness even more than 3 миллиметра. Also keep in mind, that is by nature - all the polymeric material. And we are talking about the art of correct behavior with fire. Though in modern linoleum and many special fire mixtures, observe basic safety rules.

Linoleum is easy to lay. Its just laid on the surface and smooth hand roller. Помните, after such procedure, linoleum need to dial the desired shape and to deal. It will take no more 2 days. After that, feel free to continue to repair.

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